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There are literally hundreds of online casinos operating on the World Wide Web today and it is considered to be one of the biggest online industries in the world, with one of the highest growth rates of and web based industry. It is not just a case of the online casinos themselves, but also the many feeder sites that provide links to these casinos and affiliated online casino games. There are currently more than two and a half thousand sites where people who want to try their luck at online casino games can go to. The trouble is how to know when a visit to an online casino is worth it, when should you click on the link and when should you skip it altogether? It is very important that you only visit world class online casino sites; in this way you will avoid any potential nightmare experiences visiting online casino sites that simply exist to fleece unwitting players from their hard earned money.


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What to Look for – Online Casino Jurisdiction

World class online casinos all have the same thing in common, legitimate and traceable jurisdictions. The most important page that you can ever visit on any online casino is their ‘About Us’ page. This is the page that will give you all the pertinent information including where the online casino in question is actually regulated and licensed, the jurisdiction of the licensing authority. There are quite a few different jurisdictions across the world that regulate and licence online casinos. It is important to be familiar with at least a few of these so that when you are looking for world class online casinos, knowing their jurisdiction will make your life easier. Major jurisdictions include Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao and Kahnawake. If you visit Maple Gambling Online you will find a more comprehensive list of available jurisdictions together with their pros and cons.

What to Look for – Checking Gaming Software Providers

All online casinos have to use gaming software form a gaming software developer and supplier. If you are unsure of a particular online casino then it is a good idea to first check what online casino gaming software brand they are using. All world class online casinos will use one of the few most recognizable online casino brands so that they can attract the most players and also demonstrate just how good they really are. There are quite a few online casino software providers out there but the most important ones include Microgaming, Playtech, RTG (Real Time Gaming) and Net Entertainment.

There are two aspects of any casino gaming website – the games you play and the software that makes them work. There are many companies that provide this software or program. But Microgaming is probably the biggest ones of them all. This is a company that enjoys a huge reputation both among the people who run casino websites and the players who know about the backend of the casino websites. If you are playing at any Microgaming website, you can be sure that there will never be any issues. The gaming platform is rock-solid. The good news is that, there are presently a lot of Microgaming online casinos on the web. You can choose any of them you like.

A Few Reasons Why Players Choose Microgaming Online Casinos

Microgaming online casinos attract a lot of players. And many of them are extremely picky customers as well. They will often not want to settle for anything that is less perfect. They want to be sure that the games they play are exciting and a lot of fun. But that’s not all. They also want to be sure that these games are giving away good prizes as well to the winners. Incidentally, there are several jackpot games as well from this company. Naturally, as you can imagine, you can potentially earn more money from these games. And of course, you will always want to make sure that the casino website is safe. You will be happy to know that the top Microgaming casinos are some of the safest ones you will find.

Microgaming pulled out of South Africa so you will need to find other options here.

A Few Benefits of Playing At Microgaming Online Casinos

You should definitely know about the features offered by these Microgaming online casinos. You can expect auto spins, fast play and there is also the expert mode that you can choose too. On top of this, you can expect great sound features and high-quality graphics that are difficult to beat. Often, most of the websites offer special promotion deals. But do take note here. These promotions are valid just for a limited time, and so you will have to act quickly. These special promotions are of course over the regular ones you will find that can be availed any time you become a paid member and start to play for cash.

You will definitely love playing your games at these Microgaming online casinos. In fact, there is hardly anybody who does not like these websites.